Saturday, February 20, 2016

Phuket, Thailand

It's the post you've been waiting for! It took me a long time because I had lofty ideas of what I would write, but tonight after the 1000th time the same wave of guilt washed over me for sitting on this post for so long - I've decided to go minimal.

Taken over the skies of Phuket
The Nap, Patong

Hotel poolside
Cruise time!
Can there possibly be a more beautiful shade of blue-green? *sigh*.
So we don't get lost. Unfortunately.

We both didn't have sunglasses... on an island trip. #guesswhatweboughtfirst

Here's a tip: Always ask a teenager to take your picture - they have way more experience
Near "The Beach" where Leo DiCaprio basically lived in paradise for a movie
...and they had Magnum on the boat, thank God.

The celebrity vibe with that crowd of people on the pier behind him #itsjustsunglassespeople
"Haha take a picture of me here!"

The beds are leather so my wet clothes are OK :3
Extremely health-conscious hotel breakfast the next day
and it's off to Jung Ceylon!
Inflatable bags are all the rage here - so I got a lavender macaron-covered one <3
Also, Cath Kidston earphones on sale
Crazy intricate art from Beehive, the only proper restaurant we dined at the whole trip
Can anyone guess the artist?
Fabric-woven art
And for our next night...
Yep, FantaSea never fails to amaze me
If you haven't been, please go
They have a neon fun fair #enoughsaid
Plus, the Golden Kinnaree buffet hall looks like this...
#harrypottergoestothailand #completewithmagicaltalkingstatues
Look at my super proud boyfriend all like, I got you here!
The majestic Palace of the Elephants theatre
The colours of the lights change from time to time to make it look this good
lol our teeth look huge in this pic, I had to show you guys
One final look at the hotel
We had our own private pools
 Some of the things I didn't mention are below:

1. Ask for spicy food. The people automatically think foreigner = no spicy food so you really have to make a habit of asking for it every. single. time. Unless, you actually don't. want. spicy. food.

2. I didn't put prices for anything, but you can ask me. :)

3. I didn't mention or put up pictures of other people on this trip because it's MY blog - I get to do what I want. Mostly.

So until my next post on Pulai Springs Resort, Johor, I hope you guys keep swell - and come back soon, I'll try to get it up by next week fingers crossed. ;)


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