Pulai Springs, Johor

It took me THREE months before I could get this post up, and I've been to Johor twice since then (once for a family holiday, the other for work), so I have a lot of material to show you guys! Here are the highlights:

Lesley won a trip to Johor with two nights' stay from our church's Workers Luncheon (for those of you who don't know, that's basically a lunch to appreciate everyone who's given time to support the church in different ministries). Our whole family was actually sick with the flu but we went anyway because certain T&C's on the voucher wouldn't allow us to push it back. Make sure you read your T&C's people!

The Pulai Springs clubhouse had a very intricate, traditional design that you don't see often these days

There were actually four sections to the pool, including this giant island of rocks and palm trees in the middle

If you're a guest at the hotel you can take advantage of the clubhouse's amenities for FREE!

An infinity pool by the golf course

Honestly, we didn't look up Pulai Springs before we headed there, but it is both a resort and golf club, with one of the best restaurants in Johor: Qing Palace. I wrote a complete review on it here. We really liked the fact that we could use their clubhouse like we had a membership - just for staying at their hotel! If you play golf, let me tell you that the course is just beautiful and covers a ridiculous amount of land. My dad has long given it up, but we enjoyed ourselves a lot at their club's ginormous pool, which has a section overlooking the sprawling golf course, a section for kids, another for laps, and one for lounging or a bar I think (sorry, this was a few months ago).

You can even buy fish food from the rec centre to feed their koi

Here's Popek with a tiny flower

My romper totally matches these flowers - it must be fate

You'll be surprised - this is actually a normal picture of hers

Behind me is the wall Lesley was posing at, and the rest of the clubhouse's interior. Qing Palace is upstairs to the right.

The clubhouse is right next to the hotel, so you won't have any trouble walking right over to enjoy the pool or to play some games at the rec centre. My dad and I had a game of pool while my mom and Lesley had a lot of fun over foosball, surprise surprise (my mom won, btw).

This is just so you have an idea of how incredibly ornate Qing Palace is

So even though we were sick for most of the trip, I felt like the getaway was something we all really needed. We were really blessed to have such a great opportunity to stay at a hotel like Pulai Springs; even though it is bit out of the city centre, it really didn't bother us. There's good food and nearby shops for any supplies you might need (water and meds in our case). I also wrote another review on Ah Hong Seafood Restaurant nearby - they're a chain that's actually famous for bak kut teh in Johor, but this particular outlet was popular for their claypot fish stew. Something you might want to note if you plan on staying here!

I might write another post on Johor with all the best foods my team had on our work trip, but I have a good hunch it's probably something we'll come up with on the site anyway. I will definitely let you guys know if that happens. I might write about makeup next - like what products I use with my switch from America to Malaysia, what works best for my skin and tone, what are my favourite products, etc. Let me know if that's something you guys might be interested in reading in the comments below.

Until then,


Abdul Wahab said…
You Should Forest city in johor,its pretty amazing too.

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